Inland Water Route Historical Society
"Dedicated to Maintaining and Preserving the History of the Inland Water Route of Northern Michigan"

We would like to sincerely thank those that worked on and contributed to project "Imagine"
The Mortgage on our building and museum no longer exists.  Again, Thank-you!

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IWRHS Museum Info

 River Street
 Alanson MI,  49706
 Hours Open:  
Memorial Day - Labor Day
11AM - 2PM
 Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun 

Labor Day -October 31st and
May 1st -  Memorial Day

11AM - 1PM
Sat and Sun


Artifacts :
Should you posses, or know the whereabouts of artifacts relating to the IWR,
Please let us know, ASAP, before the items are lost or misplaced forever.
If  Confidentiality is needed, it will be provided.

Historical facts of the IWR Needed


Steamers If you can provide any information on Steamers that traversed the IWR please contact us, and thanks to those that have provided information.


Hotels: We are seeking information (flyers, rates, times of operation etc) on all Hotels along the IWR.


Pictures:  If you have personal or real photo Post Cards relating to the IWR, we can scan them and preserve them forever.

The Inland Water Route Historical Society is:
"Dedicated to Maintaining and Preserving   the
History of the Inland Water Route of Northern Michigan"
We can do it...  and with your help, perhaps a little easier, and faster !!!

Founded: August 2004

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